Money for nothing

“Trailers always end with the phrase: coming soon . . .”[more]


The challenge of Waldorf

Being a Waldorf teacher is a challenge which means that Waldorf education in...[more]


Selling out education: the mass academisation of England’s schools

It could be an education disaster in the making, argues education expert Dr...[more]


Stopping the water from flowing away

Water researchers from Witten-Herdecke University in Germany are involved in a...[more]


Protecting childhood

As the Save Childhood Movement in the UK prepares for National Children’s Day...[more]


Demeter mourns death of biodynamic pioneer Friedrich Sattler

The pioneer of the biodynamic movement, Friedrich Sattler, died early last...[more]


SEED: The Untold Story World Premiere!

24th Annual Festival[more]


The cosmos in your living room

It reflects the real relationships between the planets transformed into sound...[more]


Education reduces the risk of young people becoming engaged in extremism

European Parliament calls for full access to education for refugee children[more]


Please help to stop the closure of St. Christopher’s School in Bristol

St Christopher’s is an independent Special School and Children’s Home providing...[more]


Symposium: Pluralism in Assessment, 15th January 2016, Luxembourg

Exploring Alternatives to Standardised Testing[more]


SEKEM initiative receives UN prize in the fight agains soil erosion

The Egyptian SEKEM Initiative has received the “Land for Life Award 2015” from...[more]


Corso 2015-2018 Antropologia dell’età evolutiva

  Verona – Roma 16.8.2015-25.11.2018   Antropologia dell’età evolutiva   Formazione... [mehr]

Fondamenti per un ampliamento dell’arte medica

  Rocegno (TN), Bologna, Dornach   Corso Triennale di Formazione in Medicina... [mehr]

Einführung in die Grundwerke Rudolf Steiners

Dornach.  Berufsbegleitender Kurs am Goetheanum Wesentliche Inhalte der drei Grundwerke... [mehr]

Einführungskurs in anthroposophische Heilpädagogik, Sozialpädagogik und Sozialtherapie

Dornach. Fortbildung an der HFHS Wie gestaltet sich die Zukunft der anthroposophisch... [mehr]

Kinder und Jungendliche in der heutigen Zeit

Zürich. Seminarreihe mit Cornelia und Karsten Massei Die Kinder und Jungendliche sehen sich heute... [mehr]

Scuola di Pittura Tiziano

Formazione Triennale   con un fine settimana al mese e due settimane... [mehr]

Rüttihubelbad Veranstaltungen

Walkringen, BE.   Kulturpogramm 2016 *** Aktuelles Konzert zum Karfreitag Freitag, 25. März... [mehr]

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